About me…

I am a printmaker, producing and selling original linocut prints.

About Linocutting…

Linocutting is a printmaking process which involves using lino as a surface into which a pattern or design is carved using specialised cutting tools. When the design is complete, the surface is inked and a print can be taken from it.

The Linocut method means that variations occur between prints, and you may notice some small imperfections. This is the beauty of this type of printing process: each print is one of a kind.

My work is intricate with a lot of fine detail. At present I don’t use screenprinting as part of my work and all the designs are drawn on by hand (and I only go near a computer when uploading my work to my website!). All the detail you see in my prints has been painstakingly carved into the lino by hand using very fine (and very sharp) tools.

Some of my designs are single colour so multiple copies can be taken from the same block. Some can be enhanced with colours/effects layered behind the primary colour. I sometimes use the reduction method which involves using the same block for each layer of colour, cutting away the lino between each layer to build up the detail of the design. The number of prints that can be taken in this way is limited: once the Lino has been carved away using the reduction method, there’s no going back, so it’s a riskier and more complex process, but with incredible results.

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