Hello! I am an upholsterer and printmaker.

About Upholstery…

I developed an interest in upholstery a few years ago and I have been developing my skills with Manchester’s Ministry of Upholstery through their online Modern Upholstery Foundation course. I chose to study with them because of their passion and forward-thinking approach to upholstery and furniture design. Contact me if you have an upholstery idea you’d like to talk about.

About Linocutting

Linocutting is a printmaking process which involves using lino as a surface into which a pattern or design is carved using specialised cutting tools. When the design is complete, the surface is inked and a print can be taken from it. Designs can be printed onto paper or fabric. You can purchase my prints by sending me an email for more information.

My approach

I have an eye for detail. My prints are intricate and take a long time to produce but with meticulous results. I take the same approach with upholstery, focusing on the beauty of simple designs, good quality products and precise craftsmanship.

My background

I started my career in Architecture as a Practice Manager, helping companies in the construction industry to run more efficiently, and market themselves more effectively. After we started a family, I changed tack and rather than returning to an office role, I focussed on developing my creative skills, starting with printmaking and moving into upholstery. I also have a supporting role at Ben Parsons Design, helping my husband run his busy architecture practice. We have 3 children and are in the process of renovating and extending our mid-century home. Being busy keeps me focused!

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