Resolutions – and why I’m not bothering

Every new year’s eve, it’s the same thing…. I’ll eat more healthily, exercise more often, moan less, do the ironing on a weekly rather than monthly basis, blah, blah, blah.

This new year, however, I’ve not bothered. I’ve realised that making resolutions is futile. It turns out I don’t have much resolve, which probably explains why I start every year feeling like a failure.

Earlier in 2011 I made the decision to stop using a ToDo List. I realised it was driving me a bit nuts. Every time I looked in my notebook (or online – I went through a phase of using various bits of the internet to make my ToDo List more interesting), my heart would sink. Oh god. There’s that task I’ve still not done…. urgh… I’m a bad person… I’m a failure…

But here’s the thing: I always knew I needed to do that task. Writing it down didn’t make me any more likely to complete it. In actual fact, it just wound me up and stressed me out seeing it staring at me. Every. Single. Bloody. Day.  

My ToDo List became the enemy. I would stare at it with a look of mild disgust. It would stare back at me with its hand on its hip and a smart-arse grin on its stupid smug little face. The words TAX RETURN! were leaping off the page every time I glanced downwards. It was the last straw. I tore the page out of my book and threw it away.

So enough is enough. Resolutions and ToDo Lists are dead to me. Instead I’m celebrating the arrival of 2012 by reminding myself of all the things I’ve achieved in 2011:

In the last year I have mostly been:
– improving my public speaking skills by presenting at seminars and conferences,
– improving my writing skills by creating content on the web on behalf of interesting and inspiring clients,
– learning to play the Ukulele,
– making light work of homemade curtains and blinds for my house,
– becoming my own boss,
– re-landscaping my garden and staying on top of maintaining it,
– seeing more of my family and in doing so, being reminded of their general awesomeness
and… AND!!…
– completing my tax return (see? I still managed to do it even though it wasn’t written down on a list. Amazing, huh?)

So go and trash that ToDo List, it’s not doing anyone any good. Have a happy, productive and satisfying 2012 instead.

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