New Media and the Future of Practice

I delivered a workshop (of sorts…) to around 30 architects at RSAW’s annual conference at Chapter Arts in Cardiff on 9th December.

The idea behind the workshop was to firstly take a look interesting web-based projects. In doing so, I hoped to get delegates to see the internet as more than just email and practice websites. Amongst other things, I shared Mapumental, FixMyStreet, GoGenieSuchTweetSorrow, Give Me Back My Broken Night, Tales of Things, and Substrakt’s BAApp.

You can view the slides for my presentation over on SlideShare.

I went on to explain how certain web tools are helping to enable community-led planning (based on the recent work I’ve been doing around Neighbourhood Planning) with Slider Studio. We looked at StickyWorld in more detail along with some other ideas that have come out of the study.

This was followed by an open discussion about technology in practice. A particularly hot topic was the idea of monitoring comments and feedback through web channels and how best to manage this. I would welcome any questions that we didn’t have time to cover in the session here. Use the comments box below.

One thought on “New Media and the Future of Practice

  1. Hi Lorna
    Thanks for posting your slides on SlideShare -that’s really useful. I used ‘FixMyStreet’ yesterday to report the street lights are out behind my house … I feel quite empowered! Colleagues in the office (who, unlike me, have smart phones!) were interested in ‘BAApp’ – could be an excuse for another practice outing to Birmingham. Now we’re just waiting for the opportunity to use ‘StickyWorld’ as a consultation tool.
    Thanks again

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