Practice makes Perfect

I’ll be running a workshop at the RSAW conference in Cardiff on 9th December 2011. The focus of the event is very much a response to the current economic climate and a broad array of speakers will address certain themes:

  • As the recession continues to bite, how are emerging architects finding new approaches to winning and carrying out their work?
  • How are the established players reacting to the new challenges?
  • Are the old models for building architectural practices out of date?
  • Do we need to look at new, more flexible ways of making design happen?
  • Is collaboration the answer?

Having discussed with the organisers what delegates are hoping to get from the event, the focus of my session will be to look at new media and growth industries for ideas and inspiration for the future of architectural practice.

Through my afternoon breakout workshop, I’ll be showcasing some interesting and exciting projects from the creative and media industries to inspire delegates to think differently about their approach and service. I’ll be sharing my experience of using social media as a powerful communication tool and demonstrating practical examples of the ways that web-based tools can save money and add value to working practice.

If you’re an Architect or if you work in practice and would like a day of inspiration, I suggest you book yourself in. It should be a great day. All the details are over on RSAW’s regional page of RIBA.

5 thoughts on “Practice makes Perfect

    • Interesting question Mark…. but make a difference to what? Website hits? Work being won? Perception of the practice brand? All of those things?

      I will try and address this in my workshop on Friday but we could always have a chat between speakers / sessions anyway.

      Looking forward to meeting you at last! 🙂

  1. Mark, would be very interested to hear your experience on the benefits (if any) you have so experienced far on twitter. We are also considering the move into the world of social media!

    • Hello Mike,
      It’s difficult to measure the benefits, but we have picked up on events, changes affecting practice and even potential leads via twitter, that we may not have been alerted to without it (or at least not as timely). Through ‘tweeting’ fairly regularly, but selectively, our ranking in the AJ/tCn top 100 architects on twitter has risen from the 200s a couple of months ago to currently no.63, which I guess must mean some people are interested in what we are saying. In summary, I would say at the moment the benefits to us are still the information and links we glean from the other people we ‘follow’, but that’s good enough for me.
      Hope that helps.

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