Neighbourhood Planning – what’s next?

Over the summer I was working with Slider Studio on a StickyWorld R&D project. The TSB funded a feasibility study to investigate how the web could enable Neighbourhood Planning as part of the new Localism Bill. We learned a huge amount about the tools that could help a community group develop a plan and it gave us chance to develop StickyWorld a little further. So now we’re at the point where we’re talking to local authorities, sharing our knowledge and looking for further support for web-enabled neighbourhood planning.

Last week I went along to an event organised by Urban Vision North Staffordshire and RIBA. They brought Architects together with four local community groups to talk about how to write and develop a Neighbourhood Plan. There were useful overviews of the current status of the localism bill and changes to the planning system, as well as a step-by-step guide to Neighbourhood Planning from Dave Chetwyn. I made some (very!) rough notes during the talks which can be found here. The afternoon session was a workshop with each of the community groups discussing their neighbourhood and sharing ideas and aspirations for how their area could be improved.

It was great to see StickyWorld and other web-based tools in action thanks to Rob Annable from Axis Design who led a workshop with representatives from Burslem. Although the session was a discussion based around a printed aerial photograph, Rob was keen to transfer the ideas and (real life) sticky notes to a virtual environment to enable the conversation to continue and develop after the event. Some of the results of that workshop can be found in this dedicated StickyRoom. Rob also made good use of Bookleteer’s Story Cubes to give the discussion some structure.

If you are part of a community group and are wondering how you can get some funding to develop a neighbourhood plan to improve your area, get in touch and I’ll point you in right direction. If you’ve no idea what Neighbourhood Planning is, have a look at this post that I wrote earlier this year.

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