Why Use LinkedIn?

I did a little blog post for the fbe recently (the fbe are a national built environment networking organisation). They are making a concerted effort to use LinkedIn to support their networking events, but some of their members need a little encouragement in understanding the benefits.

….but why should I use LinkedIn?

I get asked this question a lot! All the people I work with agree that the most valuable business development is about having conversations with people you’d like to work with, so in a nutshell I use LinkedIn as a way to support the face-to-face networking I do and as a way to carry on those valuable conversations. Business development begins when you strike up a conversation with someone, it doesn’t end as soon as they’ve handed over their business card. We each have our own way of following up new contacts, but LinkedIn is a really useful and convenient step in that follow-up process.

The next question I’m usually asked is: how do you find the time? Well here’s the interesting thing, I don’t spend much time using it, but it looks like I do! I probably spend 10-15 minutes a day skimming through the headlines, seeing what people are up to, sharing a link If I have spotted something interesting, seeing if I can help anyone with anything and spotting possible new connections or interesting groups to join. That’s it. Ok, so it took a little longer to create a profile, but that’s the beauty of LinkedIn, once you’re signed up, it does much of the work for you.

You can read the full post along with some hints and tips on making sure your profile hits the mark on the fbe blog.

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