Brum Pecha Kucha Night

Thanks to some sterling work from Jo Hardy, Birmingham had its first Pecha Kucha night on 8th September at The Old Joint Stock. Along with 5 others, I volunteered to present at the event – a showcase of short and snappy presentations. Take a look at Birmingham Pecha Kucha Night’s Posterous blog for links and more info.

As the theme for the event was simply ‘Birmingham’, I chose to talk about Birmingham Architect John Madin. Click here to watch my presentation.

I’ve been promising to share as much as I can about the research project that formed my presentation so here goes:

The 1965 documentary, Six Men, formed a large basis of the presentation.

I also used the Birmingham Pevsner Guide – the latest version of which has been written by local Architectural Historian Andy Foster. If you like architecture and want to learn more about the buildings of the city, I urge you to buy a copy of this. (I also look forward to the day when Pevsner Guides are available in full online!)

In February 2007, Adrian Goldberg interviewed John Madin about Birmingham’s Central Library and its proposed demolition. Take a look here.

In my presentation, I also mentioned the marvellous Project Brutal – a project to celebrate Madin’s brutalist Central Library.

There’s also a facebook group dedicated to saving Central Library – join up if you are so inclined.

I need to give a big thank you to Matt Dobson, Head of West Midlands RIBA, and Frank Brophy of Brophy Riaz Architects for sharing their knowledge of John Madin and his work. Nothing more interesting or useful than talking to the people who know the man himself.

I should also thank my colleagues at Bryant Priest Newman along with other friends and family members for sharing their thoughts on Madin’s work.

If you missed the event, you can catch up by watching the behind the scenes video. You can also watch the individual presentations from Rob Weaver, Stuart Garlick, Rob Annable, Andy Mabbett and Jez Collins.

Oh and the next Birmingham Pecha Kucha night takes place on 3rd November. Jo is looking for speakers – if you’re interested, let her know.

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