Be2Camp Brum 2010

It’s taken me a while to get around to this (I’ve genuinely only just recovered) but Be2Camp Brum on 12th August 2010 was nothing short of a pleasure. Yes, it’s a lot of work to organise, and the day itself has a certain intensity that leads to a weird come-down for a day or so after, but to have so may people say so many wonderful things about the event made every ounce of effort worth it.

In the pub afterwards Paul Wilkinson kindly said that Rob Annable and I had raised the bar for future Be2Camp events (I don’t know how many pints of beer Paul had drunk at this point but I welcomed the compliment). I hope, in a rather egotistical way, that Paul is right because that indicates to me that Be2Camp is going places. The Be2Camp network and associated events have the potential to go from strength to strength, to grow and reach a wider audience, to get involved in industries on the perimeter of what can be classed as the Built Environment and beyond. The exciting introduction of the Be2s (the new Be2camp awards) will certainly help Paul, Martin and the other Be2camp founders to take the network and future events to lofty heights.

But if I may return back to the Brum event briefly, the one thing I didn’t do on the day was to ensure that Rob got a proper thank you. Yes I ordered some cakes, sent a few emails and tweaked a few websites but Rob found some amazing speakers, chaired the whole event like a pro, ran The Mother Ship to ensure that all the tech worked perfectly and worked the floor with the roving mic to ensure our audience made themselves heard. So on behalf of all our enthusiastic delegates, our super-talented speakers, our sponsors and the Be2Camp network, thanks Rob, you did a truly fantastic job!

6 thoughts on “Be2Camp Brum 2010

  1. Yup, raised the bar again. Great speakers, great location, great crowd, great wifi, great cakes. Well organised and well managed on the day. 10/10.

    Highlights for me were to meet Bublino’s dad, get a crane and put some faces to names.

    Already looking forward to Be2campbrum2011!


  2. Thanks Dave. Rob and I aren’t sure whether we can surpass this year, and have been talking about letting someone else have a go at next years event… the problem is of course, that despite the huge amount of work that goes into it, secretly we really enjoy organising it. Shhh, don’t tell anyone!


    • Thanks Martin 🙂

      Looking forward to hearing more details about the awards event later this year….. Any news on that yet?

  3. I agree with the comments so far.

    Interesting speakers, new things to learn about. An event well worth attending. Social networking and great cakes too!

    Many thanks to all concerned.


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