Be2Camp Brum 2010 is go!

Be2Camp Brum 2009 was so good, Rob Annable and I wondered if we would be wasting our time trying to better it. So Rob came up with the idea of using this year’s event as a way of linking up with the new Library of Birmingham project.

This year’s event takes place on Thursday 12th August at the Library Theatre next to Central Library in Birmingham. Be2camp Brum 2010 will once again be an ‘unconference’ about social media, digital tools and the built environment, but part of the agenda will aim to explore the possibilities for the new Library of Birmingham building and discuss how digital tools might change the way we experience a 21st century library.

For more information, see the Be2Camp website, and sign up via the dedicated Eventbrite page. It’s a free event, it’s very flexible (we are very happy for people to drop in whenever it suits), we can guarantee you’ll learn lots, and it’ll be jolly good fun.

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